1. Newly arrived: Phaesun Sun Peak SPR 110_Small Black

    Our popular Sun Peak SPR solar module 110 Wp with a small / narrow silver frame is now available also with a black aluminum frame black in 12 V with 110 Wp. This was a request of many customers that was heard from Phaesun. The black box trucks are more and more in demand and with the black Perfect Mount aluminum spoilers it makes a great overall picture.


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  2. Sustainable packaging - ecological and untreated

    Phaesun GmbH has switched to sustainable packaging since the beginning of 2021 in order to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Phaesun made a conscious decision to do so for environmental as well as quality reasons. In order to supply the products in a resource-saving and sustainable manner, the packaging consists of ecologically untreated brown cardboard. The packaging is produced according to Phaesun quality specifications and without plastic lamination (no composites). This makes the packaging easy to recycle multiple times.
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  3. The Sun Plus 200_5 solar panel is back!

    The popular 200 Watt solar module Sun Plus 200_5 is available again. 72 monocrystalline cells and a voltage of approximately 36 V make this module a power plant in connection with MPPT controllers from e.g. WESTERN CO. or Victron Energy. This means that any 12 V battery can be charged without any problems, even under the most varied lighting conditions. An ideal module for motorhomes, off-roaders, cabins but also for the gazebo or tiny houses.

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  4. New Phaesun Sun Trickle solar panel kits for battery conservation

    Phaesun's new Sun Trickle is a convenient way to charge starter or utility batteries over the winter months. No more tedious removal. The included charge controller also protects the battery at all times. With the powerful 12 watt module, you can also supply motorcycle batteries or pasture fences with power.

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  5. Silentwind Pro Wind Generators Special May Sale

    The Silentwind Pro wind generators are versatile and can be used both on land or at sea. Due to the high-quality hand-laminated, UV-resistant carbon fiber rotor blades, the Silentwind Pro wind generators have a low noise level and are therefore very quiet. Silentwind Pro is universally suitable for low, medium and high winds. They include a new MPPT hybrid charge controller for wind and solar gets that gives better control and even more power from the wind generator. The charge controller is Bluetooth-enabled and through the external antenna you have an improved connection.

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  6. New 3-Year Warranty for all DCSolar solar panels

    SOLARA now grants a three-year product guarantee on DCsolar solar modules. This is another proof of quality and uniqueness for this product group. Details of the warranty conditions can be found on SOLARA's website. 

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  7. Solar panels in Hymercar Campervans

    RENT AND AWAY fleet gets a solar upgrade!

    Jo from RENT AND AWAY in Herzele, Belgium has just finished the upgrade of his fleet of Hymercar campervans by installing in each vehicle 2x Phaesun Sun Peak 120Wp solar panels with black aluminum spoiler profiles, combining them with dual battery Schaudt MPPT charge controllers that are connected directly to the Schaudt EBL's of the campervans so that they'll charge both the starter and leisure batteries. By installing the solar panels RENT AND AWAY offers their customers the oppurtinity to travel wherever they want and enjoy the nature without having to look for a grid cable to charge their batteries.

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  8. BOS LE300 - Innovative Lithium Extension Battery for Boats and Campers

    Innovative and High-Performance Hybrid Battery

    The LE300 Lithium Extension Battery is no conventional Lithium Battery. With the help of its special Battery Management System, the LE300 is connected to any 12 V Lead Acid Battery and combines both Batteries to a high-performance Hybrid Battery. Through the connection, the Lead Acid Battery is kept fully charged, while the cycle-resistant Lithium Battery takes on most charging cycles and is preferentially discharged under load. The capacity and the performance of both Batteries are used optimally, so you can look forward to a better performance, more room and a longer life span of your batteries.

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  9. Mare Flex: semi-flexible solar panels complete series

    The Phaesun Mare Flex solar panels are thin and lightweight, suitable for use in mobile applications, such as outdoor activities and camping, as well as for mounting on sailing yachts and motor boats and on caravans or truck roofs. The ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) front and back foil is extremely weatherproof with high light transparency over a wide temperature range and has excellent resistance to chemical influences and UV radiation.

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  10. Invoices & VAT, NO customs duties

    All orders are shipped from Germany, there are NO customs duties or import VAT or other charges for all EU and UK deliveries. You will not be asked to pay additional customs duties or taxes or import VAT or other charges before or after the delivery of the products. We also have an EU VAT number, customers from EU countries will receive an EU invoice.

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