1. Liz beats the energy crisis!

    Liz from Portugal has beaten the energy crisis before it started and for many years to come! Last summer Liz decided to install an all-European photovoltaic system with batteries that would cover her energy requirements. Now, she produces her own clean energy and uses the grid mainly for back-up purposes. Practically, she bought in advance her energy needs for the next 20-25 years at a fixed low and stable price and in this way she is no longer dependent from goverment policies, increasing energy prices and international politics. 

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  2. Semi Flex solar panel & MPPT controller in campervan

    Armando from Netherlands sent us the photos of his installation of the semi-flexible solar panel he installed on his campervan. He chose the proven Phaesun Semi Flex 130Wp solar panel which has back-contact SunPower cells for higher efficiency and thus e better yield in a smaller area. As a charge controller for his solar panel he chose the highly reliable Western WRM20 MPPT it is made in Italy, it has and LCD display and comes with a 5 year warranty. 

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  3. Victron pricing and products

    We regret to having to announce a price increase on many Victron products due to increased component prices.  

    • Most Inverter, MultiPlus and Quattro models: +3% to +10%
    • Battery chargers IP65, IP67 and IP22: +5%
    • Isolation transformers and autotransformers: +6%
    • Lynx products: +5%
    • GX products and several panels and other accessories: +5% to +8%
    • SmartSolar MPPT RS: +10%
    • Lead acid batteries and several Li-ion batteries: +5% to +6%


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  4. New Sun Peak solar panels with black aluminum frames

    The premium solar modules from the Sun Peak series with the Sunpower cell just got expanded by two new products. They are now available now the Sun Peak 110 compact (795 x 669 x 35 mm) and the Sun Peak 170 Wp (1082 x 796 x 35 mm) with a new black aluminum frame. Everyone will be able to choose the solar panel that best suits their vehicle. Since there are currently a lot of campervans in dark colors coming onto the market, we think this is a sensible addition.  

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  5. New EU OSS VAT rules information - Updated

    We are registered in European Union's One Stop Shop (OSS) and we issue invoices with the VAT rate of the country of delivery for transactions with private customers (B2C) within the EU. This means that customers from Austria will be charged with the Austrian VAT rate, customers from France with the French VAT rate and so on. Please add to cart an item and set the country of delivery in order to see the applicable VAT & shipping rates, prices are shown with 20% VAT rate.

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  6. BOS LE300 installation in camper

    There are also campers, mobile home drivers, trekking enthusiasts, etc. among our colleagues. In this case, a new AGM battery that was already installed at the factory should not be discarded but expanded. The LE 300 lithium battery from BOS Balance of Storage Systems AG serves as an additional capacity for 12 V batteries.

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  7. New Sun Save Lithium Batteries

    The new Phaesun Sun Save LiFePO4 batteries are specially designed for mobile homes and for installation under the passenger seat. Many of the popular motorhomes require a low battery for installation under the passenger seat. With the new lithium-iron technology, you can replace lead-gel or AGM batteries quickly and easily. The new lithium batteries Sun Save are now available in 6 variants.



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  8. New solar panel Sun Plus 200 J (200W 12V)

    The new, most powerful solar module from Phaeusn for 12 V systems with 200 watts is here! The module has 36 cells monocrystalline, as always tempered glass, a silver anodized frame, and with dimensions 1482 x 674 x 35 mm. Of course, the module is ready to use at any time with 90 cm cable with standard4 connectors.  socket. Contact us about Phaesun's anniversary discount for larger purchase quantities.

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  9. Studer next3 installation!

    Our partners from Phaesun have installed the first Studer Next3 system in Biberach, Germany. The system has a total 14.8kWp PV modules, 23.0kWh AGM battery storage and the new Studer next3 15kW hybrid inverter charger. 
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  10. The new Pico PV lighting kit: Sun Shine!

    The new Phaesun Sun Shine has been also released by verasol. The combination of LED light and battery pack as well as an incredible number of functions make the Sun Shine essential in many areas of life. Sun Shine finds its way as a luminous torch, serves as a reading and table lamp with different intensities, wakes up the attention with very eye-catching warning flashing and creates a good atmosphere from disco to candlelight dinner with different colour effects.

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